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Designing & creating INNOVATIVE SOLUTION Researches and analytics we do follow international standard.
We use sophisticated tools and modern methods.
You relax while we do the heavy lifting.
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Ben & Ben options ltd RESEARCH AREAS Medical & Health, Academic, Corporate and Allied Research
We have partners and affiliations across various industries
of the economy.
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Advance Research

We deploy the use of  advanced tools in research to achieve accurate results.

Complete Solution

Our Services are tailored to solve the complete needs of businesses and individuals.


The services we provide cuts across so many industries and across regions.


Ben & Ben Options Ltd specializes in the services listed below. This is just a short description, for full service list please visit our services page.


Research Work

 We conduct corporate, academic, medical/health and individual research among others.


Data Collection & Analysis

With our highly qualified team, we assist clients in data collection and analysis. We are experts in SPSS, Matlab, R stats etc.



We help in identifying suppliers, goods and services, negotiation of pricing and delivery to our clients.


Business Consulting

Our team of experts helps clients on strategy, planning and problem solving and developing business skills and knowledge.We aid our clients to focus on their most critical issues and opportunities


Online Purchase & Mini Importation

We help our clients to directly buy goods or services from various vendors over the internet. We counsel them on importing fast selling products at low wholesale prices.

Detailed Reports on Research
Interactions & Metrics


We use scientific and systematic data analysis approach which involves generating tables, converting data into graphs or other visual displays and using statistical tests.

We avoid these common mistakes that are made by industry experts:

  • Data analysis occurs only after you are done collecting all your data.
  • Data analysis is quick; you pick your analysis methods, apply them in a “plug-in” fashion and then you are done.
  •  Data can stand alone without additional context.

A Quick Glance Of Our Features


Incredibly Fast Service Delivery Turnaround

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Options and Plans

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Your Business

Value For Money Procurement Service

Professional Service delivery
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Constant Access to Our Dedicated Team for Support