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    Procurement Services for Clients

    Ben & Ben Options Limited provide our clients with quality and personalized services. We help in identifying suppliers, goods and services, negotiation of pricing and delivery to our clients. We help our clients realize their current and future business needs.

    Properly Align Staff and Supply Chain

    It can be difficult to organize the supply chain function in a way that will maximize its effectiveness and bring commensurate benefits to the company. Some companies are best served by embedding proficient supply chain management professionals in various business units. For others, a more centralized operation is most effective. Many of the progressive companies we have worked with, however, have adopted a hybrid approach that combines a centralized strategy to gain consensus with decentralized execution to improve service.

    Make Technology Work for you

    Too many companies select software they hope will make them more efficient, and they structure their workflows and processes around that chosen technology. Instead, they should first review the processes that need improvement, and only then select the technology that best satisfies those process needs. That may seem self-evident, but we have seen more than a few companies buy first and figure things out later.

    Establish Alliances with Key Suppliers

    Best-in-class companies work closely with suppliers long after a deal has been signed. In most circles today, this is called “supplier relationship management.” But that implies one-way communication (telling the supplier how to do it). Two-way communication, which requires both buyer and seller to jointly manage the relationship, is more effective. A more appropriate term for this best practice might be “alliance management,” with representatives from both parties working together to enhance the buyer/supplier relationship.